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He is your best friend and therefore he deserves
the best for his health!

colliers lithothérapie avec pierres interchangeables pour chiens et chats par ggMascot en France

Lithotherapy necklace with interchangeable stones for dogs and cats by GG MASCOT

The news

Lithotherapy stones
selected for animals

Lithotherapy stones are selected for dogs and cats.

You can be advised by Stéphanie who is a certified animal lithotherapist and Founder President of FLAIR

(Association for the freedom of animals and their reintegration)depending on the pathology or need of your pet, dog or cat.

Lithotherapy stones
for animals

You can choose the necklaces with all the stones you want

for your dog, your cat and will be advised by Stéphanie or André, thanks to a patented interchangeable system composed of a stone, in the shape of a half cabochon, on the inside for the dog and a cabochon on the outside for its human.

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An animal that is in good health,
is a happy animal,
and therefore you too!

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Our engagements

French made

Customer service
in France / 7

Secure delivery

Secure payment

Sebastien, P

Thanks to GG Mascot and their necklaces,

thanks to this collar my dog

is less stressed ..!

Agnes, R

Delivery on time,

and the stones are very pretty

on my bitch. I appreciate being able to change them, like jewelry.

Couple et leur chien

Isabelle, T

Nellie suffers from osteoarthritis, in a few days I started to see a difference, the stones soothed her.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Thank gg Mascot

Costume portant chien


Thank you for what you sent !

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