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"Amethyst" stone of wisdom
  • "Amethyst" stone of wisdom


    AMETHYST Natural Stones

    1 pair of interchangeable Gg.MasCot

    16mm cabochons


    Celtism: the stone of the druid.

    India: the stone of the Brahmin.

    Catholicism: bishop's stone.

    Buddhism: stone of the spiritual journey.


    Wisdom and strength.

    Virtues in lithotherapy:

    It is the 7th chakra, the crown chakra, that of spirituality.

    This may seem strange to us for an animal, but in the cycle of souls, who knows if it is not a necessary step.

    We will rather speak of wisdom for our companions, I am not speaking here of wisdom in the obedience sense of the term but rather of a kind of fullness, of serenity.

    Have you ever had the impression when you saw your animal that it seemed to vibrate with its environment? That's exactly it, a form of communion with the living that surrounds it.

    An imbalance will lead us to an animal that gives the impression of always being on the lookout for something (except working dog, hunting dog ...).

    On the physical level: Amethyst interacts with the brain.

    It also acts as an appetite depressant.

    On the spiritual level:

    Amethyst repels more than it attracts. It is a crystal of protection.

    Amethyst will soothe the lower chakras, stimulate and enhance the energy of the upper chakras.

    It promotes the elevation of the soul and the accession of wisdom.

    My advice: Use cabochons in care!

    - on the crown chakra: it calms the emotions, calms the surges of adrenaline in the event of violent emotional shock.

    - Help the mind to relativize.

    - Recommended in case of injury, contusion, affixed to the affected area.

    - In case of moulting problem, take an amethyst water bath to strengthen the coat.


    Contraindicated for hyperactive people, autistic, schizophrenic, Down's syndrome or having fixed realities (example: businessman not wanting to see anything outside his materialistic vision of the world), and who are in contact with the animal. Under these conditions, the amethyst will not help, and will even hurt such people, causing an imbalance in it.

    This stone is the most powerful of transformers and with such people it is necessary to proceed smoothly.


    Distilled water with sea salt, in the dark, rinsing, wiping.


    Lunar light, that of the stars.

    • Sécurité du chien


      Nous ne pouvons pas être tenus responsables de toute blessure subie pendant que votre chien porte un de nos colliers.
      En tant que propriétaire de chien responsable s’il vous plaît:
      - Assurez-vous que le collier est un bon ajustement, vous devriez être en mesure d’obtenir deux doigts sous le col.
      - Inspectez votre collier de chiens régulièrement, assurez-vous qu’il est en bon ordre et que l’ajustement reste bon.
      - Ne laissez pas votre chien sans surveillance ou jouer avec d’autres chiens tout en portant un collier.

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