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7 natural stones to care for your pets and my advice as an animal lithotherapist!

Amethyst (trauma, obedience, serenity), Lapis lazuli (destructive animal), Sodalite (congeneric understanding and barking dog), Rose quartz (fearful and depressed animal), Tiger's eye (balance within the pack), Carnelian (anxiety, loneliness and absence), Striped Black Agate (nervous, fearful animal), are the stones I recommend for your pet's main Chakras, and which you'll find in the 7 Chakras collection of GG. MASCOT.


for animals that have undergone physical, psychological and/or emotional trauma

Virtues in lithotherapy:

This is the 7th chakra, the coronal chakra, the spiritual chakra.

This may seem strange for an animal, but in the cycle of souls, who knows if it's not an obligatory passage?

I'm not talking about wisdom in the sense of obedience, but rather a kind of plenitude and serenity.

Haven't you ever had the impression when you see your pet that it seems to vibrate with its environment? That's exactly what it is, a form of communion with the living world around it.

An imbalance will lead to an animal that gives the impression of always being on the lookout for something (apart from working dogs, hunting dogs...).

Physical: Amethyst interacts with the brain.

It also acts as an appetite depressant.


Amethyst repels more than it attracts. It is a protective crystal.

Amethyst soothes the lower chakras and stimulates and enhances the energy of the upper chakras.

It promotes the elevation of the soul and the attainment of wisdom.

My advice: use cabochons for healing!

- on the coronal chakra: soothes the emotions, calming adrenaline surges in the event of violent emotional shock.

- Helps the mind to put things into perspective.

- Recommended for wounds and bruises, applied to the affected area.

- In case of shedding problems, use an amethyst water bath to strengthen the coat.


With lithotherapy stones that are interchangeable, just like your jewelry, change your pet's stones according to its desires and needs!


Virtues in lithotherapy:

For an animal, we'd rather talk about instinct.

It's with the 3rd eye chakra (frontal) that the animal observes us and understands things before we tell it.

A well-balanced 6th chakra (chakra of vision and intuition), will give us an animal that easily understands the indications we give it, and sometimes even anticipates them, that knows how to find its place in the family.

Imbalance is revealed by an animal that is easily disoriented, that doesn't seem to understand the instructions given or, on the contrary, a hyperactive animal that gets into a lot of mischief.

Physically: lapis lazuli affects sight, hearing and smell.

On a spiritual level: lapis lazuli has a powerful purifying effect on the body, but above all on the spirit, which it stabilizes and the soul, which it elevates.

My advice: use cabochons for healing!

- on the 3rd eye chakra: acts on the eyes,

helps prevent epileptic seizures, promotes restful sleep, calming effect on animals.

- on the heart chakra: helps heal skin diseases, dermatitis, eczema, rashes; combats allergies and asthma.

- on the root chakra: acts on hair and claws, accelerating regrowth.

-on the throat chakra: calms coughing and sneezing.

- Apply lapis lazuli to the 6th frontal chakra (3rd eyelid) in case of burns, fever or heat stroke.

- In case of Aujeszky's disease, apply to the affected area.

- In case of insect bites, apply to affected area.


Virtues in lithotherapy :

5th chakra of the throat, chakra of communication, our animal obviously knows how to communicate with its fellow creatures and with humans,

Don't we sometimes say "all he needs is the ability to speak"?

A good balance shows us an animal that has no problem making itself understood.

Imbalance generates an animal that either barks for dogs or whines, or seems introverted.

Sodalite will reassure and soften their reactions to stressful emotional situations.

On a physical level: Sodalite interacts with the throat and vocal cords.

Excellent for treating throat and eye disorders.

Spiritually: white-veined sodalite brings even more light to the spirit.

My advice: use cabochons for healing!

- on the throat chakra: sodalite will help treat some throat ailments.

- on the heart chakra: helps those with high blood pressure, and the nervous.




Virtues in lithotherapy

This is the 4th chakra, the heart chakra, which governs love.

Animals, unlike us humans, are all about unconditional love. This is what makes the vast majority of animals affectionate.

However, an imbalance in this chakra can alter the manifestation of this love, making it unexpansive or even distant, sometimes giving the impression that the animal is fearful or inexpressive.

It may even become depressed, as can happen when it loses a member of the human family or another animal.

Conversely, excessive affection does not automatically indicate an imbalance in this chakra.

Rose quartz interacts with the heart, lungs, skin and blood circulation.

Spiritually: rose quartz symbolizes compassion, unconditional, universal love and understanding of the heart. It is therefore prescribed for all heart problems, whether physical or emotional, from heart attacks to heartbreak. It's one of the most popular stones today, in these dark times marked by a harsh, destructive world.

My advice: Use cabochons in care!In the event of depression, which may be caused by a move, a change in the environment, the removal of a pleasure to which the animal is accustomed, separation from a human or animal member of its entourage, or the arrival of a new human or animal member.

We know that an animal can be very fusive, so if you're depressed, it will rub off on your pet.Your pet will lose its appetite, stop playing, sigh often, look sad and downcast.Don't be stingy with cuddles, and don't leave your pet alone for too long.

Good stone for a hyperactive pet or one surrounded by hyperactive children.


Virtues in lithotherapy:

Tiger's eye is the stone that will help your pet break free from obsessive behavior (repetitive behavior linked to obsessions it cannot control).

It's a natural shield against negative energies, which it reflects like a mirror.

On a physical level:

Promotes healthy digestion. As its protective effect eliminates stress, it prevents stomach problems and gastric acidity.

It restores suppleness to bones and muscles.

It enhances visual acuity and improves night vision.

Spiritual benefits:

Tiger's eye protects against possible spells.

My advice: Use cabochons for healing!

This is the stone to use on the solar plexus chakra, the 3rd chakra, tiger's eye can also balance the dominant/dominated aspect of your pet.


Virtues in lithotherapy:

Carnelian corresponds to the sacral chakra, the 2nd chakra, and is linked to the body's fluids and emotions (those we receive or emit). It is also the chakra of sexuality.

A well-balanced chakra will give you an animal that is not overexcited when interacting with other animals or people.

A malfunction will generate symptoms of anguish, manifested by "clingy" behavior, or an inability to be left alone, which will of course develop delicate behaviors when you're away.

Or, on the contrary, a fierce behavior that manifests itself in over-reactions when newcomers arrive.

Physical: Carnelian interacts with the kidneys (and adrenal glands), bladder, reproductive organs and other body fluids.

It is recommended for lung decongestion.

Spiritually: carnelian recharges the etheric body. The frequencies emitted by this stone are beneficial for countering energy deficiencies or imbalances in the etheric body* (see blog).

My advice: Use cabochons for healing!- Placed on the throat chakra, it helps communication by encouraging concentration and awareness of the present moment, to prevent your pet from becoming dissipated.- This stone channels anger, but is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, so be careful not to spend too long in contact with it.- Carnelian helps healing and is recommended for internal bleeding.


Virtues in lithotherapy:

Black agate is also known as Onyx, a volcanic rock that has crystallized.

Black agate is a very powerful stone, to be used if your pet has experienced or is experiencing difficult or extremely complicated situations.

It is the stone that supports and brings great strength of spirit.

As a semi-precious stone, it helps refocus your pet's energies.

It brings a great sense of security.

Because of its black color, I suggest it for the 1st chakra, the root chakra, the one that anchors you to the Earth.

On a physical level: relieves blood circulation, soothes ear pain, promotes healthy pancreas function.

Energizing, it protects against physical dangers.

Beneficial for teeth and mouth, it solves vocal problems such as barking.

On a spiritual level:

Black agate or black onyx helps to purify karma, i.e. to overcome past life traumas.

My advice: Use the cabochons in care!- on the root chakra in meditation for 10 minutes a day, in addition to daily wear on the GG.Mascot necklace.This is the essential stone for unblocking the 1st chakra, the chakra that carries all the other energy centers.- For retinal atrophy, I recommend placing agate on the eyes for 10 minutes a day.- Canine distemper (but veterinary diagnosis is always necessary).- Epiphora, apply to the affected area.- Nictitating gland dislocation, apply to affected area.

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