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The benefits of lithotherapy for our animal friends

Lithotherapy is an age-old practice that consists of using stones and crystals to restore the energy harmony of the body, which is gaining more and more followers among human beings.

but did you know that this technique could also be beneficial for our four-legged friends?

In this article, we explore the surprising benefits of animal lithotherapy and how it can help improve their well-being.

1 / What is animal lithotherapy and how does it work?

2/ The most commonly used stones and minerals for animal lithotherapy?

3/ The benefits of animal lithotherapy:

- Reduced stress and anxiety in pets.

- Promote healing and speed up the recovery process after injury or surgery.

- Improve animal behavioral disorders (aggressiveness, fear, etc...)

Soothes joint and muscle pain in older animals.

4/ How to use lithotherapy for animals:

- The different methods of applying stones and crystals to animals.

- precautions to take when using lithotherapy in animals.

5/ Testimonials and scientific studies:

- Sharing testimonials from pet owners who have benefited from lithotherapy.

- Presentation of recent scientific studies on the effectiveness of animal lithotherapy


ithothotherapy can be a real source of well-being for our pets

In addition to traditional veterinary care, ele offers a natural and gentle approach to help our companions live better and regain their energy balance

Do not hesitate to consult a certified animal lithotherapy specialist to learn more about the subject and find out how this practice can be adapted to your animal

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