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Untimely barking in dogs

The untimely barking of your dog or that of your neighbor can lead to neighborhood conflicts

But what are the reasons that make a dog bark?

1/ Boredom or loneliness

This is the case of dogs left alone during the day, locked in the house or apartment without occupation.

They bark to signify their boredom, and to get attention. This behavior can go hand in hand with destruction in the house.

2/ Out of fear:

An anxious dog can bark at every new noise, every suspicious movement, and even more so if left alone.

Indeed, when a dog is fearful, he is constantly on his guard and is always alert. Thus, at the slightest movement or the slightest passing car, he barks because he is frightened.

In general, the presence of the master reassures him, and the barking stops.

3/ Territorial aggression:

Some dogs bark incessantly to protect their territory. Generally, this behavior is observed especially in adult dogs. They will bark as soon as someone approaches the limits of their territory: passers-by, the postman, etc.

4/ Hyper-excitement:

Some dogs may have trouble controlling their emotions. The arrival of people they like, the meeting with another known dog, the distribution of the bowl, etc...

5/ for attracting attention: the dog barks for attention and gratification: to eat, to play, to get out. If he is given satisfaction at the slightest bark, it will only reinforce this behavior.

6/ By hypersensitivity / hyperactivity (Hs/Ha syndrome):

a dog suffering from this syndrome is permanently overexcited (he runs around, is never tired, never stops) and is hypersensitive (the slightest stimulus from the environment distracts him, and it is very difficult to educate him). This phenomenon is observed on puppies whose mother has not taken care of, or separated from her too early. Hs/Ha dogs exhibit exacerbated anxiety, sometimes sociopathy, which leads them to bark for various reasons (fear, desire for domination, etc.)

7/ mimicry:

can also be an explanation for barking. Indeed, the dog often imitates his barking peers: the neighbor's dog barks and your dog answers him

There are aids on the market, in particular anti-bark collars, which can reinforce an educational (re)grip. There are different types:

Spray : as soon as the dog barks, the collar placed on the animal's neck releases an unpleasant odor spray for the dog.

Ultrasound: the spray is replaced by the emission of dissuasive ultrasound, as it is very unpleasant for dogs.

BEWARE OF THE DANGERS OF THIS TYPE OF COLLAR WHICH CAUSES HEALTH PROBLEMS IN YOUR DOG (epilepsy, hole in the skin by electrocution, neurological problem and so on!!!) Vibration collars, electrostatic: vibrations or electrical impulses


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