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"Black Agate" stone of survival instinct
  • "Black Agate" stone of survival instinct


    BLACK AGATE Natural Stone

    1 pair of interchangeable Gg.MasCot

    16mm cabochons


    Prosperity and longevity.

    Ancient Greece: against dehydration.

    Ancient Greece and Rome: favored the abundance of harvests.

    Muslims: Agate powder in potion in apple juice to cure mental disorders and delusions.


    The starry celestial vault, its sacred force.

    Virtues in lithotherapy:

    It is also called Onyx, it is a volcanic rock that eventually crystallized.

    The black agate is a very powerful stone, it is to be used if your animal has known or knows difficult or extremely complicated situations.

    It is the stone that supports and brings great strength of mind.

    It is a semi-precious stone and it helps refocus your pet's energies.

    It brings a great sense of security.

    Due to its black color, I propose it on the 1st chakra, the root chakra, that of anchoring to the Earth.

    On the physical level: Relieves blood circulation, soothes pain related to the ears, promotes the proper functioning of the pancreas.

    Energizing, it protects against physical dangers.

    It has virtues on the teeth and the mouth, it fixes the vocal problems (intense barking for example).

    On the spiritual level:

    The black agate or black onyx allows to purify the karma, that is to say to overcome the traumas of past lives.

    My advice: Use cabochons in care!

    - on the root chakra in meditation 10 minutes per day in addition to its daily wear on the GGMascot necklace.

    It is the essential stone for unlocking the 1st chakra, the chakra which carries all the other energy centers.

    - For retinal atrophy, I recommend putting the agate on the eyes for 10 minutes a day.

    - Distemper (but the diagnosis of the veterinarian is always necessary).

    - Epiphora, apply to the area concerned.

    - Dislocation of the nictitating gland, apply to the affected area.


    In distilled water with sea salt or exposed to sunlight.


    Lunar light, preferably in the full moon.

    • Sécurité du chien


      Nous ne pouvons pas être tenus responsables de toute blessure subie pendant que votre chien porte un de nos colliers.
      En tant que propriétaire de chien responsable s’il vous plaît:
      - Assurez-vous que le collier est un bon ajustement, vous devriez être en mesure d’obtenir deux doigts sous le col.
      - Inspectez votre collier de chiens régulièrement, assurez-vous qu’il est en bon ordre et que l’ajustement reste bon.
      - Ne laissez pas votre chien sans surveillance ou jouer avec d’autres chiens tout en portant un collier.

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