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"Lapis-lazuli" stone of animal instinct
  • "Lapis-lazuli" stone of animal instinct


    LAPIS-LAZULI Natural Stone

    1 pair of interchangeable Gg.MasCot

    16mm cabochons


    Egypt: the stone of the gods.

    Middle Ages: it was used crushed as paint pigments by the great masters.

    Prehistory: ornamental stone.


    The starry celestial vault, its sacred force.

    Virtues in lithotherapy:

    For an animal, we will rather speak of instinct.

    It is with the 3rd eye chakra (frontal) that the animal observes us and understands things well before we tell him.

    a good balance of the 6th chakra (chakra of vision and intuition), will give us an animal which easily understands the indications which one gives him and which sometimes will even anticipate them, which knows how to find its place among the family.

    The imbalance will be revealed through an easily disoriented animal, who does not seem to understand the instructions given to him or, on the contrary, a hyperactive animal who does a lot of stupid things.

    On the physical level: lapis lazuli interacts with sight, hearing and smell.

    On the spiritual level: lapis lazuli has a great power of purification of the body, but especially of the spirit which it stabilizes and of the soul which it raises.

    My advice: Use cabochons in care!

    - on the 3rd eye chakra: acts on the eyes,

    space epileptic seizures, helps restful sleep, calming action on animals.

    - on the heart chakra: it helps to heal skin diseases, dermatitis, eczema, rashes; fights allergies and asthma.

    - on the root chakra: it acts on the hair and the claws, of which it accelerates the regrowth.

    -on the throat chakra: it calms coughs and sneezes.

    - Apply lapis lazuli on the 6th frontal chakra (3rd eye) in case of burns, fever, heat stroke.

    - In case of Aujeszky's disease, apply to the affected area.

    - In the event of an insect bite, apply to the affected area.


    With distilled water, but especially no salt.


    Lunar light, but don't hate the sun.

    • Sécurité du chien


      Nous ne pouvons pas être tenus responsables de toute blessure subie pendant que votre chien porte un de nos colliers.
      En tant que propriétaire de chien responsable s’il vous plaît:
      - Assurez-vous que le collier est un bon ajustement, vous devriez être en mesure d’obtenir deux doigts sous le col.
      - Inspectez votre collier de chiens régulièrement, assurez-vous qu’il est en bon ordre et que l’ajustement reste bon.
      - Ne laissez pas votre chien sans surveillance ou jouer avec d’autres chiens tout en portant un collier.

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