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"Rose quartz" the stone of unconditional love
  • "Rose quartz" the stone of unconditional love

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    Natural Stone of QUARTZ-ROSE

    1 pair of interchangeable Gg.MasCot

    16mm cabochons


    Alchemy: the 7-petal rose symbolizing the 7 metals and the 7 stages of the Great Work.

    Christians: the blood of Christ, the tomb of Christ, the mystical rebirth, love.

    Greece: initiation into regeneration.

    India: the Divine Mother.

    Muslims: contemplation.



    Virtues in lithotherapy

    It is the 4th chakra, the heart chakra, the one that rules love.

    Animals unlike us humans, are only in unconditional love. This is what makes the vast majority of animals affected.

    However, an imbalance of this chakra can modify the manifestation of this love by making it not very expansive or even distant, sometimes one will have the impression that the animal is fearful or expressionless.

    He can even get depressed, it can happen during the loss of a member of the human family or another animal.

    On the other hand, excess affection does not automatically translate an imbalance of this chakra.

    On the physical level: Rose quartz interacts with the heart, lungs, and skin as well as blood circulation.

    On a spiritual level: rose quartz symbolizes compassion, unconditional, universal love and understanding of the heart. It is therefore prescribed for all heart problems, whether physical or emotional, whether it is a heart attack or a heartache. It is one of the stones most appreciated today, in this dark time marked by a harsh and destructive world.

    My advice: Use cabochons in care!

    In the event of depression which may be caused by a move, a change in his environment, the suppression of a pleasure to which he was accustomed, separation from a human or animal member, from his entourage, arrival of a new human or animal come. We know that an animal can be very close-knit, so if you are depressed it will rub off on your animal.

    this will result in loss of appetite, no longer playing, sighing often, looking sad and dejected.

    Don't be stingy with hugs, don't leave your pet alone for too long.

    Good stone for a hyperactive animal or surrounded by hyperactive children.


    In distilled water with sea salt, also under running water for 10 minutes.


    Lunar or solar light at daybreak, but not exposure to direct sunlight for too long.

    • Sécurité du chien


      Nous ne pouvons pas être tenus responsables de toute blessure subie pendant que votre chien porte un de nos colliers.
      En tant que propriétaire de chien responsable s’il vous plaît:
      - Assurez-vous que le collier est un bon ajustement, vous devriez être en mesure d’obtenir deux doigts sous le col.
      - Inspectez votre collier de chiens régulièrement, assurez-vous qu’il est en bon ordre et que l’ajustement reste bon.
      - Ne laissez pas votre chien sans surveillance ou jouer avec d’autres chiens tout en portant un collier.

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