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"Sodalite" stone of communication
  • "Sodalite" stone of communication

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    SODALITE Natural Stones

    1 pair of interchangeable Gg.MasCot

    16mm cabochons


    Black Africa: stone of protection.

    Celtism: stone of prophecies.

    China and Japan: filial gratitude, the restoration of social order.

    Christianity: insight.

    Greece; stone of the prophets.



    Virtues in lithotherapy:

    5th throat chakra, communication chakra, our animal obviously knows how to communicate with its congeners and with humans,

    don't we sometimes say "all he needs is his word!"

    A good balance shows us an animal that has no problem making itself understood.

    The imbalance generates an animal that is either barking for dogs or whining, or an animal that appears intovert.

    Sodalite will reassure and ease their recations in the face of stressful emotional situations.

    On the physical level: Sodalite interacts on the throat, vocal cords.

    Excellent for the treatment of throat and eye conditions.

    On the spiritual level: white veined sodalite brings even more light to the spirit.

    My advice: Use cabochons in care!

    - on the throat chakra: soldalite will help treat some of the throat ailments.

    - on the heart chakra: will help hypertensive and nervous people.


    With salted distilled water (but I recommend doing it once to reprogram it) then distilled water.


    Lunar light, and sun in moderation.

    • Sécurité du chien


      Nous ne pouvons pas être tenus responsables de toute blessure subie pendant que votre chien porte un de nos colliers.
      En tant que propriétaire de chien responsable s’il vous plaît:
      - Assurez-vous que le collier est un bon ajustement, vous devriez être en mesure d’obtenir deux doigts sous le col.
      - Inspectez votre collier de chiens régulièrement, assurez-vous qu’il est en bon ordre et que l’ajustement reste bon.
      - Ne laissez pas votre chien sans surveillance ou jouer avec d’autres chiens tout en portant un collier.

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